What’s Happening Report January 13, 2020

If we were having coffee, I would take a brief moment this morning to breathe before session gets into full swing. Even though we won’t be hearing bills on the House floor yet, I want to make you aware of several that will be heard in committee this week.

  • On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Rules will be hearing SJR 38, which will overturn the redistricting provisions of Amendment I (Clean Missouri). While the Legislature can’t overturn this on its own, it can force a vote at the ballot box later this year in an attempt to reverse the redistricting provisions of Clean Missouri. 72% of voters in the 91st District supported Clean Missouri in 2018, and I believe they know what they were voting for.
  • On Monday, the House General Laws Committee will hear HB 2033 related to the Grain Belt Express. This bill will prohibit utility companies from using eminent domain to put up transition lines, which are planned to be installed to transport wind energy.
  • On Tuesday, the House Judiciary committee will hear HB 1604, which allows police officers leeway to live outside the city where they are on the police force.
  • On Wednesday, Governor Parson will give the State of the State address, outlining his priorities for this legislative session.

As of this writing, the only committee I have scheduled this week is Children and Families, which meets on Tuesday at 8:00 AM. This week we will hear HB 1411, which removes the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse civil claims. While it is not yet scheduled, I fully expect the Rules committee to meet on Wednesday or Thursday.
Last week I filed HR 4542 regarding inclusion for people with disabilities in the workforce and in the classroom.