What’s Happening Report: January 7, 2019

If we were having coffee, I would have a hard time containing my excitement about the beginning of the 100th Legislative Session tomorrow. I’ll readily admit that I love representing my constituents in the Legislature and working on policy to make Missouri a better state to live and work in.
I had two questions that were asked from last week’s e-mail. The first related to Certificates of Value (HB 63), which are required for a real property sale in urban counties but are not required everywhere in Missouri. Certificates of value help county assessors determine the value of property and are used in property tax assessment.

The second related to Employment First in Missouri. I plan to again file an Employment First bill, and will also be filing a Disability Inclusion resolution in the House. I will share more information about these in later newsletters.
This Week
Tomorrow (January 9), the 100th session of the Missouri Legislature gets sworn in. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the bills we will be doing this year.

The Legislative work being done this week is mainly procedural. We will learn the committee structure and our committee assignments. We will discuss the rules of the House. Bills will be first and second read so they can be assigned to committees.

There will be an inaugural ball on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, the Democratic caucus will have a policy retreat. It will be a short week; things really start to move next week though!

I will be in the same office as last year, room 135B-C.
Capitol Construction
The Missouri Capitol will be under construction for the next two years. Many streets around the Capitol are closed, with signs directing an alternate route. The Capitol Dome is also closed. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2020.
Please stop by my office if you are in Jefferson City. If you have an issue to talk with me about, it is best to make an appointment through my assistant, Nancy, at 573-751-1285.

I enjoy opportunities to meet with people in the community and participate in local events. It’s one of the best parts of my job!
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!