What’s Happening Report: January 28, 2019

On January 27, 2019, Missouri American Water issued a boil water advisory for portions of Maplewood, Shrewsbury and Webster Groves. If you live in the affected area (see alert for map), bring water to a boil for three minutes before using it for drinking or cooking. Tap water is okay for washing and bathing. Missouri American Water will take water quality samples in the area Tuesday. The boil water advisory will be in effect until water quality samples confirm that the water remains safe for consumption. Boil water advisories can last 48-72 hours.

Alert: http://www.onsolve360.com/alert?id=9-23685
If we were having coffee, I would be talking with you about how the sausage gets made. There may be different ingredients in every bill, but the process should be the same. Bills get vetted — they get heard by committee, the public should have ample opportunity to give feedback, and committee members should have time to consider bills before voting on them. Any substantial changes to a bill should be heard in committee. Right now, the machine is jammed. We have internal beginning-of-year processes holding up bills and they are not coming out very quickly. Some view this as a problem; I see this as part of the process, an essential step in making the laws that govern you.

Unfortunately, Majority leadership is now pushing through the few bills they can, sending them through much faster than they would ordinarily go. I strongly disagree with this rush to get bills to the floor.
Last Week
Last week, we debated and passed one bill, which renames part of Lindbergh Blvd. for the late Rep. Cloria Brown. This bill was noncontroversial and, I believe, got us off on the right foot.
Next Week
Next week, I will have my first committee meetings of the year. The Rules committee will meet on Monday to discuss three bills that went through committee very quickly (although not without controversy). The committee on children and families will meet on Tuesday to discuss two bills.

On Wednesday morning, Supreme Court Judge Zel Fischer will give a presentation to the Legislature about the state of the Judiciary. I look forward to hearing what he has to say.