End of the Year

If we were having coffee on New Years Eve, I would catch you up with what’s been going on for the past month in my life and tell you a bit about my next week.

This past month, I took a tour of Missouri with other Freshman legislators. We learned a lot, and saw every corner of the state! We saw a wide range of things, from corrections facilities to the beautiful concert hall in Kansas City, from ports to universities and charter schools. I now know a lot more about our state, and I know many of the legislators better as well.

The tour was over in time to have a lovely Christmas with my family, complete with all the joys and frustrations that holidays bring. From my 5 year-old’s “Look what’s in my stocking!” at 4:30 a.m., to the chef’s frustration about foods lovingly prepared and left untouched. I guess I won’t make mom’s giblet gravy again.

It is great to have some family time, because session starts next week! I will be in Jefferson City setting up for a couple of days, and then I get sworn in as Representative on January 4. I won’t tell you about legislation I’m working on because I haven’t filed anything yet, but I hope to share that information soon!

The new governor will be sworn in on Monday, January 9. Everyone is invited! Please let me know if you will be there; I will have a small reception in my office that afternoon.