100 Days Until Election Day

RKP_2011The finish line is coming into view. There are only 100 days until November 8, the day when your vote will shape history.

I know that I am probably not the reason you will head to the polls. After all, a lot of elections will get much more publicity, from the Presidential election to Missouri’s Secretary of State. But please pay attention, as the state legislature is important. Take a look at some of the issues in the legislature last year:

  • A personhood amendment, which would have overturned thousands of years of legal precedent;
  • Paycheck deception, which would harm working Missourians;
  • SJR 39, an effort to mask bigotry as religion;
  • A law to allow people to carry concealed weapons with no training and no license;
  • Money to fix Missouri’s crumbling bridges;
  • Creating a dyslexia task force in the Missouri Department of Education;
  • And many more issues.

The state legislature touches your life much more than the elections at the top of the ballot. Elect a person who will represent the values of the 91st District–a Representative who values the people of the district enough to listen to their views; a Representative who will work across the aisle to get things done for the district. I am the qualified candidate who will respect my constituents and work hard every day to represent you.

Your vote is important, but I cannot make it to November without your help. I need volunteer help. I need financial donations because it costs money to reach voters. And I need to know you are behind me to help me reach my goal.

I am honored to have your support. Thank you for keeping me going.