Recap of the Missouri Legislature Session

The Missouri Legislature closed its 2015-2016 session this week, and the laws passed, as well as those that failed, are shocking.

The legislature passed:

  • “Constitutional Carry” (no permit required to carry a concealed weapon)
  • “Stand your Ground” (it’s legal to shoot if your threatened, even if you can run away. This is the law that let George Zimmerman get away with murder in Florida.)
  • Cuts to the Foundation Formula (which determines how much public schools receive from the state government)
  • A constitutional amendment to tighten Voter ID, which disproportionately harms minority and elderly voters (this will be on the ballot for voters to decide)

The legislature did not pass:

  • Meaningful legislation to improve the ethical requirements of legislators
  • A prescription drug monitoring program to decrease drug abuse
  • Any legislation to bring Missouri into compliance with Real ID

The silver lining is that some other dangerous and strongly debated bills did not pass, including:

  • Legislation that would outlaw birth control and all abortion
  • Constitutional discrimination against same-sex couples
  • Paycheck Protection

With the end of the legislative session, a number of well-respected voices are being lost in the legislature, including that of Jeanne Kirkton. I am running to fill that seat, to be a strong voice for progressive values. With your support, I will fight next year against harmful legislation proposed by the Republican majority. Please help my campaign with a donation of $20 to keep those strong voices heard!