Exciting News

Website Update

sarahI am excited to announce my updated website. My new page has a slicker design and much more information. Please check it out!

Many, many thanks to Cory Kleinschmidt for the time and effort he put into the new page!

Jefferson City Update

Last week I expressed concern about a shortfall in the proposed budget for K-12 education funding. The money needed has, for the most part, been restored. Much more is needed to fund schools at the level state law requires, but reinstating this funding will prevent a decrease in state funding to many Missouri school districts.

Today, a bill to limit campaign contributions was heard in committee. This is important legislation that would bring fairness to campaigns. While legislation cannot be bought, a single campaign donation of $25,000 can do a lot to influence a legislator. If you believe, as I do, that campaigns should be financed by a multitude of donors who donate smaller amounts, I encourage you to join that multitude and donate to my campaign.

As of 9:00 pm, the Senate has been debating SJR39 for five hours. This resolution would allow businesses to refuse service to individuals in the GLBT community based on a “sincerely held religious belief.” It is a real struggle when an individual’s religious beliefs conflict with a legal obligation, and it is a discussion we, as a society, need to have. This is not something to resolve in a piecemeal fashion by courts and state legislators–it is an issue that needs to be openly discussed among citizens. These hard issues are the reason we need people in the Missouri legislature who will listen to their constituents.

flagsSign Up!

We need volunteers to help inform voters in the 91st District about Sarah’s campaign for State Representative. Sign up to help hand out literature on March 15 and April 5!