I’ve Filed!

campaign-filing2Last week I filed my campaign. Now, the real work begins. I am meeting with elected officials and other key people, calling constituents, getting campaign literature ready, and raising the money I will need to pull this campaign into November. I cannot do it alone!

Please contact us to volunteer.

Looming Education CRISIS

education-crisisThe budget, as it currently stands, leaves a $61 million shortfall in education funding. Schools all over Missouri rely on that money! I urge you to contact your Representative today and ask them to fund education out of the general revenue and support the children of Missouri.

Guns in the hands of … felons?

In Jefferson City, I sat in on a hearing regarding a bill that would restore firearm rights to felons. The very next day, a convicted felon went on a shooting spree in Kansas and destroyed the lives of seventeen families. Lawmakers need to show some common sense and make it harder, not easier, for criminals to commit more crime. I am a common-sense candidate who will protect the lives of Missouri citizens. Support my campaign!

campaign-filing1Campaign Filing

I filed my candidacy last week! I had a busy time in Jefferson city: I attended a mental health rally; sat in on committee hearings; met with key legislators and attended a Medicaid panel. There is much work to be done!


My campaign’s success depends on donors who give out of their pocketbook, not on wealthy corporations. Support my campaign and make a donation today!