I’m Going to Jefferson City

sarah-unsickerThis is an exciting time for my campaign! This week, I will be spending time in Jefferson City to file my candidacy and to attend a Mental Health Rally Day.

Jefferson City Culture

Last week saw another scandal in Jefferson City. Unlike what you see on TV, this is real and affects peoples’ lives. The latest resignation shows once again that we have to intentionally put people in the Missouri Legislature who have strong ethics and want to work hard for the people of Missouri. Support my campaign!

Campaign Filing

photo-15Filing for my campaign opens on Tuesday, and I will be in Jefferson City on the first day to put in my name. Once I file, my campaign will be official!

Mental Health Rally

Wednesday is a rally for Mental Health in the Missouri Capitol. I will be meeting with legislators about providing resources for early diagnosis and treatment. Mental health needs to be a priority #B4Stage4. I’d love to have you join me!

Sign Up for Mental Health Advocacy Day

8bf37fb2-c1d0-4c1b-936c-c6d7bac4a9beWine Night

I was honored to meet more residents of the 91st District last week when a friend held a Wine Night for me at her home. Stay tuned for news of future events, and contact me if you would like to host an event!

My campaign’s success depends on donors who give out of their pocketbook, not on wealthy corporations. Support my campaign and make a donation today!